The Torah Path to Interpersonal Relationships

Food? Nothing but glatt kosher.
Esrog? We want only the most beautiful.
Shabbos? We observe it with the utmost care.
Interpersonal relationships? Well, we try our best. Sometimes.

 We all want to be righteous, upstanding Jews, observing G-d’s commandments. Yet often – too often – the laws of interpersonal relations, bein adam l’chaveiro — get overlooked. The division of mitzvot into categories – differentiating those that bind us to our Creator from those that connect us to other human beings – may be useful intellectually, but such distinctions can be dangerous when used to prioritize. The Torah insists that dividing between commandments that appear religious and ritualistic and those that seem to be social and ethical is tantamount to dissecting an organism whose very life depends on the harmonious unity of its parts.

One of the objectives of the Wisdom of Torah Institute is to foster an understanding of the importance of Interpersonal Mitzvot and enhance their observance through a study of primary sources, and dissemination of shiurim focusing on such issues.