Passionate Learning – Heart and Mind

The Wisdom of Torah Institute (WTI) is a not-for-profit educational institution. It was founded for the purpose of opening minds and hearts to the timeless wisdom of Torah by engaging contemporary minds in the passionate learning of scriptural texts. WTI emphasis will be on dissemination of text-based Torah scholarship aimed at the intelligent adult who wants to engage heart and mind in the study of primary sources.

An additional goal of WTI is to advance the knowledge and understanding of the importance of Interpersonal Mitzvot in Judaism. WTI will place emphasis on promoting knowledge-based observance of ethical behavior and healthy and enriching interpersonal relationships based on classic Jewish scholarship and philosophy.

WTI accomplishes it mission by bringing together Jews from varying backgrounds with scholars renowned for their erudition and teaching talent. It hosts guest lectures, periodic seminars, workshops and retreats, as well as regular classes. It also arranges for scholars to serve as Scholars in Residence in various communities throughout the world.

The WTI website contains hundreds of audio and print material on Tanach and various topics of interpersonal relationships as well as information about books published by its team of scholars.