Expanding Our Reach in the World

The Wisdom of Torah Institute aims at spreading the joy and inspiration of text-based learning of Torah worldwide by:

  • Developing a repository of learning materials for Torah teachers and learners.
  • Bringing together an international cadre of inspired scholars who are also talented teachers happy to share their gifts with people in various communities.
  • Offer seminars, workshops and public lectures to Jews of various backgrounds interested in engaging their minds and hearts in Torah learning.

To disseminate pedagogical materials and Torah teaching to professionals and laymen alike, the Wisdom of Torah Institute needs your help. You can assist the WTI in the following way:

  1. Donate Money to support the work of WTI.
  2. Organize seminars and lectures in your community to be conducted by WTI personnel. Please contact us for more information.

Use available tools to disseminate information about WTI educational offerings.